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About our System

Our system that we teach is the Academie Duello system derived from Fiore dei Liberi. Academie Duello built their system around modern learning and sports science and honed their teaching with over 10,000 students over the schools history.

One important part of our training is that we treat our blunt swords as though they are sharp. This helps us to train the right skills, and have proper respect for what we are learning.

Prima la spada means 'The Sword First' in Italian.

When fighting with sharp swords (we don't) you need to keep yourself safe. it is crucial that you move in "good order" making sure the sword moves before your body, to clear the way to make the area safe for you to move.


Currently we only have one Instructor, Daniel Werner. Daniel received his training at Academie Duello Center for swordplay in Vancouver. he has 10 years experience teaching and fighting.

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